Good Food Should Be Shared

Cafe Soriahs-lobster dish_v1.jpg

Enjoying good food is not just eating – it’s an experience. Sitting across the table, holding personal conversation paired with freshly prepared foods from a menu that intrigues my senses, opens my thoughts to new tastes and satisfies my yearning to experience the memorable.

Those who sit with me are required to put their cell phones away and unplug from the outside.  If I wanted others to join with us, I would have invited them too.  I want, for just a brief period, to be in the moment with good friends enjoying words with meaning coupled with foods for the soul.

Then, later, I can’t wait to reminisce about the time well spent.  Wonderful conversations combined with flavors spread across the plates laid out before us filled our evening.  That, my friend, is what dining out can be.  It is to me, something I cannot create in my home in quite the same way. 

Dining where the chef takes pride – it’s not just a way to fill the hunger – it’s a way to live in the moment and experience how good food can be the backbone of a great moment. The most memorable moments are around a food filled table with laughter, cheer, great friends and no dishes to clean up.

Guest blogger, Val Stilwell