Shaking The Hand of A Centurion

A few weeks ago, a man came into the restaurant around 6:30 and asked if we had a table for two.  I said, "yes, where is the other person?"  The man said his 101-year old father was in the car and didn't want to bring him in until he knew they could be accommodated for sure.  

After they were seated, I went to their table and said that I wanted to shake the hand of a centurion. We shook hands and he said that he had always enjoyed my restaurant and that in a couple of weeks, his younger brother will be coming to visit from Chicago and he plans to bring him to dinner at Soriah.

Sure enough, the 101-year old and his 98-year old brother came back for dinner.  I got tears in my eyes watching them together - and then a big smile came to me.  What a reward to bear witness to this event!  I will always remember these two brothers - and am grateful they chose my restaurant, Cafe Soriah, to share their time together.

Chef Ib Hammid.